COVID-19 and Safety

It’s wild times out there, folks. At ASB we’re taking as many precautions as possible to ensure you can still enjoy our fine brews in safety.

In line with the City of OKC’s Emergency Mask Ordinance ASB kindly but firmly, requires that all guests wear a mask when not seated at their tables, especially when ordering at the bar.

This is for your safety as well as that of our wonderful staff. We really want to stay open to serve you, and this helps us do that. We have free masks available at while supplies last. We suggest a $1 donation with all proceeds will go to the Regional Food Bank, which is experiencing greatly increased demand during the pandemic.

That’s how you can help us. This is how we’re helping you:

  • All tables spaced >6′ apart on the patio and inside the taproom.
  • We are operating at <50% capacity, and have removed all bar seating.
  • We’re enforcing limited group sizes and not permitting customers to stand or move furniture, you must be seated at the table.
  • All staff wear masks, have access to gloves and sanitizer, and are temperature checked at the start of each shift.
  • We clean all common surfaces with an industry standard sanitizer every hour, and clean each table and point of sale after every customer.
  • We’ve installed plexiglass shields at the service points as an additional barrier between guests and staff.
  • Glassware is cleaned and sanitized using an industry standard glasswasher with a chlorine-based sanitizer rinse.
  • We’ve removed all games and printed menus are replaced with QR codes or wipeable beer guides.
  • Access to merchandise is restricted to avoid excessive handling–staff will gladly help you pick something out!

In addition to the above, we take on extra precautions for special events that would normally draw a crowd (in those glorious, pre-Covid times!)

  • Capacity is strictly limited through an ID check point, with one-in, one-out once we hit the magic number or all tables are full.
  • A satellite bar will be set up on the patio to relieve lines inside the taproom or at the service window.
  • Group sizes are limited to a maximum of 8 per table to encourage everyone to remain seated and not move the furniture.
  • Face masks will be required in the taproom AND on the patio whenever you are not seated at your table.

Online ordering and curbside pickup are also still available!

This is serious, y’all. If everybody plays nice in the sandbox, we can all have a good time and no one’s grandma ends up sick. Let’s get through this together, OKC. Stay safe, and remember that other peoples’ health may just depend on you.