Special Releases

Agave Saison
We added Blue Agave syrup to our house Saison, resulting in secondary fermentation and a stronger, drier finish with hints of agave among the ester profile.
Style: Saison / Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 7.5%
IBU: 28
Availability: Small Batch

Nice Buzz
A light German lager brewed with Orange Blossom honey. Aromatic, easy drinking, and thirst quenching when you need a nice buzz on a hot day.
Style: Honey Lager
ABV: 5.6%
IBU: 21
Availability: Small Batch

Industry Standard
A bold statement, this rotating IPA is our interpretation of an old school, West Coast double IPA. Strong and bitter, with a clean malt backbone and plenty of fruity New World hops in the nose.
Style: Double IPA
ABV: 8.9%
IBU: 120+
Availability: Small Batch / Rotating IPA

Aprikose Weisse
Sweet and sour in a glass, it’s a clean, kettle-soured Berliner Weisse with apricot puree added post-fermentation to balance the tartness with a touch of fruit.
Style: Sour / Berliner Weisse
ABV: 4.3%
IBU: 3
Availability: Small Batch

Peer Pressure
If you know us, you know we’re not huge fans of the New England IPA. But many of you are, so we gave in and reworked our favorite Industry Standard DIPA into something lighter, softer, and juicer. It’s a hazy, pillowy hop juice that’s totally crushable. Part us just died writing that last line, but that’s what happens when you succumb to Peer Pressure.
Style: New England IPA
ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 49
Availability: Small Batch / Rotating IPA

Save the Date
We first brewed this recipe for Mr. and Mrs. Angry Scot’s wedding reception, and it remains a crowd-pleasing favorite. Crisp, toasted malt and noble hops refresh on warm fall days, yet work well in to the cool nights.
Style: Marzen / Okotberfest
ABV: 6%
IBU: 23
Availability: Small Batch

Purple Hillsides
A blonde ale finished with a copious dose of heather flower tips at whirlpool, giving a Belgian flair to this otherwise American recipe. A floral perfume nose that’s reminiscent of getting lost in the Highlands.
Style: Blonde Ale; Spiced / Herbed Beer
ABV: 6.3%
IBU: 21
Availability: Small Batch

Tsar Bomba
A preview of our barrel program intentions, Tsar Bomba is a beast of a Russian Imperial Stout, fortified with black treacle and turbinado sugar, then aged on bourbon infused oak.
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 14.3%
IBU: 90
Availability: Small Batch