Coffin Dodger

An English-style Old Ale, our winter seasonal combines traditional Old World pale malts with roasted barley and black treacle. This beer is a boozy, warming number with more than a hint of oak tannins and bourbon highlights. Drink it now, or stash it away for later.

Style: English Old Ale
IBU: 22
Availability: Winter

Spring Forward

Our spring seasonal infuses a lively, fragrant hefeweizen with refreshing combination of blood orange and honey. Banana, clove, and citrus esters escape from the fluffy white head, while the hazy yellow body looks forward to sunnier spring days.

Style: Hefeweizen
IBU: 16
Availability: Spring-Summer

Pints of Persia

Inspired by a trip to the Persian Gulf, our twist on the traditional Belgian Witbier combines hibiscus and saffron for a tart, fruity cranberry nose up front, with a subtle earthiness on the finish. In a desert or an Oklahoma summer, this beer hits the spot

Style: Belgian Witbier
IBU: 15
Availability: Summer

Fall Back

Cooler weather calls for comfort beers. Our twist on pumpkin beer adds the roasted gourds to the German-style, dark wheat ale to create a rich, chewy beer packed full of fall flavors. Classic weizen yeast adds a clove and fruit ester complexity.

Style: German Dunkelweizen
IBU: 15
Availability: Fall-Winter