• Graduation party! Oct 20 (OKC)

    The construction guys and a whole bunch of permits say we can move into our new place now, but we need to take care of some inventory first. Please and thank you? P.A.R.T.Y. at the BU!

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  • It’s a new beer day

    We thought the day would never come, and yet, it has. Angry Scotsman is now self-distributing. Wholesalers, click below to set up your account. Drinkers, hang in there through #beerdrought a little longer. We’re coming for you.

  • Impulse IPA #3

    Batch #3 of the Impulse series is out now! This strong, bitter, piney West-coast style double IPA shows those NEIPAs who’s boss. Come and get it. On tap at the Brewers Union and distributed to the usual suspects.

  • What’s in stores?

    Your fridge is empty and sad without ASB to perk things up. Here’s what’s in cans in local liquor stores.

    Impulse IPA #3
    Spring Forward
    Pale Ryder
    Gateway to Helles
    Rusty Kiltpin
    Night Terror
    Left Luggage

    Check out our beer finder to get yours!

    Beer finder

Angry Scotsman Brewing is one of Oklahoma City’s newest craft breweries. The ink is still drying on our last permit, and we’ve got the fires cranking to brew up some new inventory.

Watch out for our mini-taproom and patio space coming in November! The big taproom has a bit longer to go, but we just can’t stop won’t stop.

And, of course, you can find ASB in bars, liquor stores, AND now grocery stores across Oklahoma. In the meantime, check out our construction progress photos! #somanypermits